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Sealing and restoring pavers and natural stone surfaces is all we do. It’s not a side business. We’re not a glorified pressure washing company. Driveway, pool deck, and patio surface restoration is our singular focus, and we are very good at what we do.

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Brick Paver Sealing and Restoration

Sealing your brick pavers protects, beautifies, and extends the life of your pavers. In many ways, it is the equivalent of waxing your car to maintain its “like-new” look and enhance its value.

Quality restoration or sealing from Renew has the following benefits:

  • Prevent brick erosion and sand loss
  • Protect against color fading
  • Prevent or minimize staining
  • Eliminate or reduce mildew and mold growth
  • With regular application, Renew Paver Sealing can extend the life of your pavers almost indefinitely!

Travertine and Natural Stone Sealing and Restoration

The natural beauty of travertine is virtually unrivalled. The bubbles, holes and patterns that are so characteristic of this material were created over eons as water found its natural path through the limestone. But the natural beauty of limestone introduces cleaning, sealing and restoration challenges. Florida’s climate and proximity to the ocean introduces challenges that are even more pronounced. Salt spalling occurs when dissolved salts crystallize in voids in the limestone, created chipping and surface erosion. Efflorescence occurs when salts migrate back to the surface of the material, forming a dull, dusty coating. These peculiar and unique challenges require expertise that is well beyond that of many contractors. Renew Paver Sealing has the experience, expertise, process and products to beautifully restore and protect the beauty of your travertine surfaces.

Minor Repairs for Your Brick Paver, Travertine, and Natural Stone

Erosion and settling, nearby construction, or simple neglect can result in your outdoor surfaces falling into disrepair. Minor issues such as uneven, stained, or damaged pavers should be addressed before cleaning and restoration to keep your outdoor surfaces from deteriorating further. Renew helps prevent minor problems from becoming major ones. That includes fixing damaged perimeter curbs that can lead to destabilization and displacement of an expanding area of pavers. Don’t simply seal in problems! Renew Paver Sealing has the expertise to return your patio, pool deck or driveway to its original, like-new condition.

The Renew Process

One of a kind.

Your property is uniquely yours. And we approach it that way. Nothing is assumed or taken for granted. Was the surface previously sealed? How long ago? If it was previously sealed, was a water-based or solvent-based sealer used? What type of dirt and/or staining is present? How is the surface used? What are the unique environmental features affecting the surface? Proximity to water? Overhanging trees? Exposure to sunlight? Each of these factors is taken into account before the job begins.



You may not know whether your surface was previously sealed or not. Don’t worry! The experts at Renew are here to help! The recency of previous sealing and the type of sealer used are important factors in the decision to strip or not to strip the surface, and whether this should be done before or after cleaning. You can trust our experts to make the best-informed recommendation so that your restoration project proceeds efficiently and cost-effectively. So, you can start enjoying your restored driveway, patio, or pool deck as quickly as possible!


Renew prepares each surface for restoration based on the unique features and conditions present, but all surface preparations include the following 4-step power-wash process:

Multiple rotating nozzles on our commercial grade surface cleaner attachment remove dirt quickly and efficiently

Deeply ingrained dirt, stains, mildew, and roots are removed using a turbo rotation tip that penetrates deep into voids, crevices, seams, and cracks to get out the most stubborn debris.

Loosened debris and dirt are rinsed from the surface, leaving it in like-new condition.

During the washing process, surrounding vegetation can get covered with loose sand and debris. Other contractors may leave this for you to clean up afterwards. That’s never the case when you choose Renew Paver Sealing! Our soft wash is a standard – and very important – part of our process. Your plants and surrounding surfaces are thoroughly and gently rinsed of all sand and debris. Sand that may have accumulated in gutters or adjacent areas is removed and rinsed, leaving your property clean and beautiful.


The sand between your pavers is what stabilizes the surface and locks your pavers in place. The cleaning process naturally and unavoidably results in some sand being lost from between the pavers. This sand must be replaced before sealing can commence. 

The choice of sand type and how it is applied is critical. Sand that is too fine (such as the typical “playground” sand) is too fine and will quickly wash away. Other types may be too coarse or irregular and will not compact uniformly enough. The experts from Renew will assess your unique situation and re-sand your surface with the exact type of sand needed for a long-lasting, stable, and beautiful patio, deck, walkway, or driveway.

The Seal of Approval

A beautiful and durable sealing finish depends not only on the expertise of the craftsmen applying it. It also depends upon choosing the right products for the job. 

Florida’s wonderful climate attracts new residents and tourists by the droves. It also presents unique challenges for sealing your pavers and travertine. Our region’s variable and often high humidity make solvent based sealers a poor choice for our area. Though the big-box home stores sell millions of gallons of solvent-based sealers to DIYers annually, the results from these products are usually disappointing. This is because solvent-based sealers will often seal in water that is in the pavers, below the surface. Having no way to escape, the water creates a vapor just below the surface, turning your once-beautiful pavers into a cloudy, milky-white mess, like the ring left by a sweating glass on newly polished furniture. But much more difficult to get out.

A Few Words About Our Products…

Renew Paver Sealing can give your pavers a clear seal or give it a long-lasting “wet” look finish, depending on your taste. If your pavers could use a little more “help”, quality color enhancers are an option.  In any case, Renew uses only non-toxic, low VOC, water-based acrylic sealers, strippers, and color enhancers from Deco, an innovator in safe and environmentally friendly coatings since 1991. With the highest percentage of acrylic of any product in the industry (57%!) the Deco products we use are specially formulated for professional application, and ideal for use in the Florida Sun Coast region.

And don’t be fooled by other contractors’ claims of a 2 or 3-coat sealing process! Most manufacturers do not recommend diluting their products, and this is usually why multiple coats may be applied!

The Renew Process for Travertine and Natural Stone

Travertine requires special care in the sealing process. Because its surface is less uniform and often less porous that pavers, it is less forgiving when it comes to sealer application. Spraying on the sealer will leave unsightly globs. Rolling it on will leave roller marks. Renew has developed a special application method that protects your travertine beautifully, without a hint of how it was done. No roller marks, no globs…nothing to detract from the natural beauty of the stone itself.


All work by Renew Paver Sealing carries a one-year warranty against pealing, yellowing, and flaking.

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Restoration Specialists Paver Tampa
Restoration Specialists Paver Tampa
Restoration Specialists Paver Tampa

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